Hydraulic Tilting Table for Marble Granite


Ezlay 5 ton hydraulic tilting table. Steel frame only with 8 ton hydraulic jack no finished top and not painted. If you do marble or granite work the EZLAY can pay for itself with your first job. Have you ever broken a slab laying it down? Never break another one. The EZLAY is constructed of heavy �channel, mig welded and will last for years. The EZLAY has 1 inch� tilt pins, � struts rods for extra support, built in stops, and tilts to 85 degrees. Each EZLAY is custom built in a precision jig insuring high quality. It can be bolted to the floor or just put some weight on the back channel to keep it steady. The top of the table is 10 X 6 and comes with a  8 ton jack with a custom jack handle. That's 16,000 lbs of lifting power. Custom fitted removable 1x1� supports allow full use of work area. Because EZLAY comes unpainted and does not have a finished top you save thousands! Most of my customers use � plywood with 6" wide strips of  � DoRock and some use � fiber board. This will stop you from eating up cutting blades and gives a channel for water run off. Table comes ready to use no assembly required.

Shipping weight about 644 LBS foot print 72 inches X 54 inches top of work area 120 inches X 72 inches 24" height.

NEW    Hydraulic pneumatic  jack    NEW

Air over hydraulic

No more jacking by hand and it's faster uses 80 PSI .8 CFM

Removable 1X1 titling support pin

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NEW    With hydraulic pneumatic  Jack   NEW

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NOW AVAILABLE Rotating Tilting Table



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To order call
Richard Jacobs
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2459 Odin
New Orleans, LA 70122

Email: trainmax@yahoo.com

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